Dropper Bottles
The dropper bottles are used for the storage of eye-drops. These are included with tight fitting cap. These allow for the dispensing of small quantity of liquid that is suited for eye application.
Dry Syrup Bottle
The Dry Syrup Bottles are used for the safe and efficient storage of syrups. They are mobile and easy for regular use. We offer these in cost-effective rates to our valuable patrons. 
Shampoo and lotion  Bottle
The Shampoo and lotion Bottles are widely used in the cosmetic industries for body lotions, body wash, packaging shampoos, and other liquid ingredients. These are simple to make use or dispense the powder as well as shampoos. 
Flip Top Caps
The Flip Top Caps can be used for the baby shampoo, sanitizers, hair oil, lotions and essential oils. These are also best for the capping of salad dressing bottles, chocolate syrup, squashes, sauces and juices.
Pesticide & Chemical Bottle
The Pesticide & Chemical Bottle are hygienically made and are non-reactive to acid and chemicals. These have tight as well as leak proof sealing. The bottles are suited for the packaging purposes in the sectors of beverages, pesticides, perfumery, chemicals, and others. 
Tablet Container
Talcum Containers are offered in the colors of white, pink and blue. They are apt for the storage of talcum powder. The said containers can function well and are durable in nature. 
Bulk Tablet/Capsule Container
Bulk Tablet/Capsule Containers are offered with air tight sealing and keep the capsules and tablet safe from dust, air borne chemicals and moisture. They are made from the top-quality materials and their make is of density poly ethylene terephthalate. 
Measuring Caps
The Measuring Caps are the kitchen utensils, which are utilized primarily for measuring the volume of bulk solid and liquid. They can measure several cooking ingredients and are also utilized to measure washing powder, bleach, liquid detergents and others.
The Dropper Assembly are highly useful for the storage of everything from fragrances to pharmaceuticals. They are also utilized to keep the herbal remedies and function properly in different ways. 
Pilfer Proof Caps
The pilfer proof caps are the tamper evident caps, which can deal with separate adversities. They are extremely free from the pilferage. They are being used in the industries of Pharmaceuticals, Food and Chemicals. 
Talcum Container
The Talcum Containers are utilized for the storage of talcum powder of different types. They are included with several features and allow for simple functionality. These are of superior quality and good make. 
Screw Caps
The Screw caps are the metal caps, which can be twisted with ease for closing and opening. These can be rotated well and are offered in the weight range of 2-15 gms. These are functional as the doughnut-shaped gripping rings. 
Toilet Cleaner Bottle
The Toilet Cleaner Bottles are offered with superior chemical resistance and are apt for the storage of several types of cleaning chemicals. These are widely appreciated by clients and have availability in blue body color and yellow cap. 
Cream Jars

Cream Jars are light weight and compact storage units that are commonly used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries to store topical creams. Get these jars in various customized sizes at a low price.


We are offering premium quality TOILET CLEANER BOTTLE in various customized sizes and shapes. The offered storage units can be delivered to our clients in bulk with an assurance of fast and safe delivery.

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